Branch Connally
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Branch Connolly
43 (At Time of death)
Date of Death
september 10 , 2015
Deputy Sheriff
Cady Longmire (ex-girlfriend)
Durant, Wyoming
Portrayed by
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Deputy Sheriff Branch Connally is one of the main characters on the show Longmire.

Biography Before SeriesEdit

Branch comes from a wealthy family in Absaroka County, Wyoming, whose ancestors helped build the state. His family has a history for working in the sheriff's department. Branch is believed to have been popular in high school, and went on to be a quarterback in college. He aspires to be the next sheriff.

The Connally family has been noted for their tempers, and it is apparent in Branch, his father, and his uncle Lucian.

Biography During SeriesEdit

In 2012, Branch ran for Sheriff against his boss, Walt Longmire. He was ultimately defeated in the (admittedly close) election.

In late 2013, Branch was shot by David Ridges and spent a number of months recovering. During his own investigation into the shooting, he crossed a line which ultimately led to his suspension from the force.

In 2014, Branch confronts his father about his $50,000 tip to Jacob Nighthorse about killing Walt's wife. Soon after, his father distracts Branch by pulling a clay disc while target-shooting and shoots his son in the face while Branch is distracted.

In 2015, his body was found down by the river by Walt Longmire. Vic Moretti. And The Ferg . Walt later confronts Barlow, who (drunkenly) admits to killing his son. Walt kills Barlow and avenges his deputy's death at the hands of his father.

As a deputy sheriff, Branch drove a Dodge Charger and carried a Smith & Wesson Sigma in 9×19mm as his duty weapon.


Branch had an on-and-off again relationship with Cady Longmire.


  • Branch was the only main character to not kill someone.
  • Branch is the only main character to be killed in the series.
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