Holly Whitish (Heather Kafka) finds a dead man's (Patrick Robert Smith) body in her compost pile. The coroner's report shows he ate turducken before he died, leading Walt and his team to a truck stop on the county line. There, they uncover a prostitution ring, and prostitute Delila (Allie MacDonald) tells Walt that the dead man smelled of tar. A local road crew foreman (Chris Ranney) identifies the man as Ross Lanton. Meanwhile, after seeing Cady's mail piled up and having no contact with her, Branch visits Henry's bar to ask if he has heard from her, which he hasn't. A drunken Holly appears and admits to knowing Lanton. She tells Walt that Lanton raped her 20 years ago and God has answered her prayers to kill him. After Delila's pimp is arrested, she describes the car that Lanton got into the night he died. Ferg finds the weapon that killed Lanton at Holly's place. On a hunch, Walt questions Holly's 20-year-old son (Devon Graye), who drives a car like the one described. In front of his mother, the son admits to learning Lanton was his father, getting a job to work with him, and killing him when he sees that he still has no respect for women. Finally, Walt calls Cady, but her phone is at her house while she arrives in Denver and asks to speak to Detective Fales.