Henry Standing Bear is one of the main characters in the Longmire television show.

Henry is a member of the Cheyenne reservation in Absaroka County who owns the Red Pony bar, tavern, cafe and restaurant. He's been friends with Walt Longmire since they were 12 years old.

Henry and Walt worked at the Prudhoe Bay oil fields in their 20s.

In 2013, Henry was arrested by Matthias, the Chief of the Cheyenne Reservation Tribal Police, at the behest of Denver PD Detective Fales for the murder of Miller Beck, the meth-head accused of murdering Walt's wife, Martha.

Henry goes on to fill the role of Hector after his death, where the Cheyenne were left hopeless as their vigilante was thought dead, giving people hope that justice was being served in the form of Hector.

Kill Count Edit

  • Trot Simic - Shot ("What Happens on the Rez...")
  • Darius Burns - Shot ("Goodbye Is Always Implied")


  • Henry shares the same name with a real life Oglala Lakota Chief.
  • Henry and Walt met in the sixth grade.
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