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Full Name: Malachi Strand Gender: Male Status: Dead Occupation: Security Guard Residence: Durant, Wyoming

Malachi is one of the long-standing antagonists in Durant. Prior to the start of the series he was the Cheyenne reservation tribal police chief. He arrested by Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear (serving as a temporary deputy) for unspecified crimes (corruption). Walt tried to prevent him from being released from jail by testifying at his parole hearing, but was unsuccessful. After his release, he worked for Jacob Nighthorse as chief of security at his casino, and was tied to the sale of heroin and the influence of the Irish mob by Walt. Walt blamed Nighthorse, but did not initially puruse Malachi. Henry Standing Bear and Jacob Nighthorse kicked Malachi out of the Cheyenne tribe. He held grudges against Walt, Henry, and Jacob, and was intent on discrediting and killing all three of them.