Longmire Wiki
"Sound and Fury"
Season 2
Episode 7
Airdate July 8, 2013
Writer Craig Johnson, Hunt Baldwin, John Coveny, & Daniel C. Connolly
Director James Hayman
Previous Tell It Slant
Next The Great Spirit

At the Red Pony, Henry overhears Bill Norquist (Rhys Coiro) discussing plans to have his wife Diane (Andrea Roth) killed. Henry offers to kill her, hoping to prevent it by telling Walt. Norquist is questioned but denies it. While Walt and Branch keep an eye on Diane, a South Dakota detective calls, saying Bill has been found dead in a boxcar at a train yard. A graffiti zipper is found painted in the boxcar, and then on a building nearby Bill's workplace in Durant. Henry gets a mysterious call saying Norquist was killed because he reneged on the contract to kill Diane, and Henry is the next target for going to the police. He is later taken hostage by Zip, a gutter punk, who's discovered people pay more to save their own lives than to have someone killed. Zip coerces Henry into giving him a ride out of town, but Walt arrives and rescues Henry by shooting Zip. Meanwhile, Vic has an unnerving encounter with Ed Gorski (Lee Tergesen), a retired cop who Vic used to work with in Philadelphia. He claims to be on a road trip with his wife and just had to see what she was up to. He invites her to have a drink with him and she reluctantly accepts. They discuss another Philadelphia cop's suicide and the subsequent internal affairs investigation. Gorski claims he wants to make amends with Vic for the way he treated her during the investigation, but Vic isn't so sure. She later calls the campground where he claimed he was staying and is told no one matching Gorski is registered there. Initially she suspects Gorski is behind Bill Norquist's death, but after the real killer is revealed, she worries about the true reason for Gorski's visit.