A woman's body is found on the outskirts of Absaroka County. The only clues to her mysterious death are single dollar bills scattered nearby and her body glitter. Walt and Vic surmise that the victim was an exotic dancer. In the victim's pocket, they find a drawing of a tree with unrecognizable writing underneath it. The investigation (which includes Vic's performing a partial striptease at the club where the victim allegedly worked, in order to have a suspect identified) leads the team to learn the woman was a Mennonite. The victim's brother had accidentally killed her while trying to urge her back into the Mennonite community. Outside the investigation, Walt suspects that daughter Cady is secretly dating someone, and that particular someone is Branch.

Flashbacks in the episode: Walt has his back stitched up, with Henry in attendance, and cautions him not to tell Cady about it.