Migrant farm foreman Titus Griffin has been killed, shot through the neck and dragged behind a wild rodeo horse. Titus had staged the rodeo in order to improve the morale of Beltro Farms's workers, who were illegal immigrants. The company had bought up local farms and promised the illegals a new life in the United States, when it actually separated their families and forced them to work without documentation. Cal Weston's (Jay Paulson) family property was one of the farms that was bought. Titus had moved into the Weston farm house. Cal chose to work with Beltro, but was never made foreman. Titus gave all the proceeds from the rodeo to the illegals and none to Cal, who shot him in retaliation and tied him to the horse. Meanwhile, Detective Fales visits Henry to ask why he went twice to Denver as Walt had, following his wife's death. Henry claims it was to visit an elderly friend, Ada Black Kettle (Francine Williams). In actuality, Walt, bleeding from his back, had shown up at Henry's motel room door. Henry took Walt to Ada, who stitched him up. After Fales's visit, Henry goes to Ada to warn her that Fales may visit her. She comforts him, by reminding him of the legend of the Great Spirit and the First Warrior. He recalls it as the Warrior thanking the Great Spirit for blessing him, but is told that payment should be him fighting for the "brothers" he finds in life. As Henry tells the legend, Walt attempts to set the wild horse free, but the horse returns to him.