Ethan Lone Elk's body is found in his brother Dolan's (Eric Schweig) burned-out home on the Cheyenne reservation. The town's medical examiner (Kenneth Choi) informs Walt and Vic that Ethan died from alcohol poisoning and had been covered with red paint. Dolan tells them Ethan was employed at Jacob Nighthorse's casino. His wife Lauren (Sharon Brathwaite-Sanders) also works at the casino. Walt and Vic go there, expecting to talk to the Cheyenne wife, but discover she is African-American. Lauren explains that Ethan being a human resource manager and married to a non-Cheyenne woman caused a lot of stress for them. She adds that Ethan never drank alcohol. Walt talks to Dolan's neighbor, Grady Littlefoot (Raoul Trujillo), who had failed Ethan's pre-employment drug test and recently painted his car red. Walt suggests Grady forced Ethan to drink excessively, put his body in Dolan's home, and torched it. Grady claims he did it out of spite, because Ethan seemed to forget his heritage. Meanwhile, Cady tells Branch that she is not emotionally ready to be in a relationship. However, after both get drunk at the Red Pony and spend the night together, she soberingly tells him why — her father and boyfriend were in an election debate and her mother had been murdered. Branch tells Walt that he knows about the murder and Walt's involvement. Out of concern for Cady, Branch will not use the information to help himself in the election.