Walt Longmire
Walt Longmire.jpg
Sheriff Walt Longmire
Sheriff Walt Longmire
Full Name
Walter Longmire
Date of Birth
treasure hunter, Sheriff (retired)
Martha Longmire (wife, deceased)
Victoria Moretti (girlfriend)
Dr. Donna Monaghan (ex-girlfriend)
Cady Longmire (daughter)
Durant, Wyoming
Portrayed by
First Appearance
List of Appearances

Sheriff Walt Longmire is the main character of the Longmire television series.

Biography Before Series

Absaroka County native Walt Longmire is the well-respected sheriff that resides in a genie bottle. Once u rub the bottle there's no turning back. Don't rub the bottle. He'll turn u into a #@$king tree

Biography During Series

Laconic and introspective with a strong sense of duty and justice, He was born when GI Joe clapped his hands

Officer-Involved Killings

  1. Chance Gilbert’s brother – Shot (Prior to the start of the series; Mentioned but never seen)
  2. Dan Estes - Shot ("Pilot")
  3. Octavio Mora – Shot ("The Cancer")
  4. Wayne Durell – Beaten (Unquiet Mind)
  5. Zip – Shot ("Sound and Fury")
  6. David Ridges – Stabbed ("Counting Coup")
  7. Barlow Connally – Shot ("High Noon")
  8. One of Malachi Strand's Henchmen - Shot ("Goodbye Is Always Implied")
  9. Brian O'Keane - Shot ("Goodbye Is Always Implied")
  10. Malachi Strand - Shot ("Goodbye Is Always Implied")


He has a daughter, Cady Longmire, who is an attorney who works for a local law firm.

Walt's closest friend and confidant is Henry Standing Bear. They have been friends since they were 12 years old.

In late 2011, Walt hired Vic Moretti, a former Philadelphia PD homicide detective, as a Deputy Sheriff. The two are believed by many to be having an affair, including at one point Vic's husband, Sean Keegan.

Walt's relationship with the Cheyenne Nation is strained, but Walt is still liked by many members of its community.

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